Delivery FAQ

So how does it work?
> You sign up for your weekly box subscription.
> Your card won't be charged for the subscription immediately, but will instead be charged every Thursday.
> Between 10am Tuesday - 10pm Thursday you can build your custom box by purchasing products on the Shop Page. Once you have at least $40 of produce in your cart you can check out. The $40 you pay for your subscription will be credited to your order and if your cart totals more than $40 you will just need to pay the balance
> If you don't choose/remember to customise your box before 10pm Thursday then you will receive a standard set veggie box instead.
> If you purchase your Subscription on Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon then you will need to wait until 10am Tuesday to customise your first box for delivery the following Monday.
> On Monday (or Tuesday sometimes, particularly if you are rural) you will receive your veggie box!
> We only deliver to addresses in the Blue Zone (between Auckland and surrounds to the top of the north island). Delivery in chiller box is a flat rate $9.50 (+$5 for rural).
Returning your chiller boxes
> We are more than happy for you to return your chiller boxes in reasonable condition so we can re-use them. Once you have got at least 4 chiller boxes to return, then just contact me at to let me know. I'll send out a courier ticket with your next order so you can leave them out for the courier to pickup when they come to drop your next order off. Once I receive them, I will credit $2.50 per box returned to your account. To make it cost effective, I'm unable to send you a courier ticket to return less than 4 boxes, although you are welcome to send them back at your own cost.