What We Offer

Our Mission

What we do

We provide naturally grown, nutritious and local produce to restaurants, cafes and families in Northland. We grow it, care for it and harvest it ourselves.


How We Do It

We farm intensively, using specialised hand tools and environmentally responsible practices to produce nutrient rich, high quality vegetables while regenerating the health of the soil.


Why We Do It

We saw a need to provide our community with the choice to know where their food comes from and feed their families and customers food that tastes great and doesn’t contain anything that it shouldn’t.


How Can You Get It

If you are a chef or business owner, you can give us a call or shoot an email and we can send you a list of what we currently provide, or discuss what you need. If you just want to get some for your family, we have a stall located at “The Heart” 1945 SH1 Kaiwaka. Behind the giant birds head. It’s open all day, every day.

Are you a chef or cafe owner?

We service Mangawhai, Kaiwaka and Wellsford and  provide free delivery several times per week. We may be able to grow custom varieties and sizes of vegetables to suit your menu. We’re happy to work with you to understand exactly what you need to create beautiful and great tasting food.


The Gardeners

The people who are growing your vegetables

Give us a call, within business hours, any day of the week

+64 221 279 609

Kaiwaka, Aotearoa


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Contact Us

Email or Call us with any enquiries

  • Kaiwaka Stall "The Heart" (Giant dove)
  • 1945 SH1, Kaiwaka
  • Open 7am to 7pm - 7 Days a week
  • Ph +64 221 279 609
  • jordan@aotearoamarketgarden.co.nz
  • www.aotearoamarketgarden.co.nz